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SHAPING & FIRMING SERIES [Clsing Mlk,Refirmer,Hydro Stem Cell]

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Shaping & Firming Series

~ Cleansing Milk 3 In 1 FDF03 (150ml)

~ Refirmer (Stemcell) - Shaping-Firming-Lifting FDF07 (35ml)

~ Hydro Stem Cell Creme & Masque (2 In 1) FDF13 (50gm)

Cleansing Milk 3 in 1  |  三合一洁面乳

Triple action unique product acting as a cleansing foam and cleansing milk, it can also be used as a make-up remover, providing smoothening, softening and toning to the skin with its gentle cleansing, moisturizing properties. 三合一的独特配方产品,可同时做泡沫洁面剂,洗面乳甚至是针对普通化妆的卸妆乳使用。温和清洁的同时,保持肌肤光滑,柔软,并滋养皮肤。

Refirmer (Stem Cell) - Shaping-Firming-Lifting  |  紧肤精华(干细胞)

Moisturises and nourishes the skin. Enhance the firmness and softness of the skin. Smooth skin fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for aging skin, dehydrated skin, sagged skin and bust firming.

Hydro Stem Cell Creme & Masque (2 In 1)  |  保湿干细胞滋润霜和面膜霜 (二合一)

Provide moisture and hydration to skin. Smoothen and soften the skin. Help improve skin fine lines and wrinkles. Provide a bright and more radiant appearance.

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